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Meet Steve Fairweather

Dr. Stephen E. Fairweather, ACF is the Principal at Fairweather Biometrics.  He has over 40 years of experience in forest biometrics and applied statistics with government, academia, industry, and consulting.  He's worked throughout the United States, and in Brazil and Russia.   He served on the Executive Committee of the Association of Consulting Foresters from 2015 to 2018, and writes the "Dr. DBH" column for the SAF Forestry Source.


Steve's Consulting Services -

  • Forest inventory design
  • Acquisition/disposition due diligence support
  • Forest Inventory systems review
  • Forest growth modeling  - testing, calibration
  • Cruise data analysis 
  • Expert witness support
  • Monte Carlo simulation
  • Optimization 
  • Training workshops
  • Technical writing/editing
  • Tree taper modeling
  • Software development and testing


Why Work with Dr. Fairweather?

Steve has a penchant for developing statistically sound, meaningful, and understandable analyses, and enjoys helping his clients make sense of what can be fairly complicated systems.  Clients know they can depend on him to deliver a quality product on time and on budget.

FIAASim - Forest Inventory Accuracy Assessment by Simulation

Evaluate Your Stand-Based Inventory Policy and Protocols


The first step in the process is to form a model forest that resembles the ownership of interest in terms of number of stands, stand size, strata, age classes, volumes, growth and cutting over a period of several years.   The key is that we have "perfect knowledge" of this forest.

Answer "What-if" Questions About the Inventory System


We then define the inventory protocols in terms of cruising specifications, growth model capabilities, the use of stratification, and timing.   Over many replications we can compare our inventory estimates to the true known values in the model forest.

Use FIAASim to Improve Your Own Inventory System, as Well as for Due Diligence Applications


There are no formulas for determining a confidence interval for a total stand-based inventory when stands have been cruised at different points in time or not at all.  Simulation provides a way to evaluate the reliability of the total inventory estimate, as well as the individual stand inventory estimates.

Interested? Ask Steve about FIAASim at steve@fairweatherbiometrics.com


Steve gave a technical presentation titled "Assessing the Accuracy of Your Stand-Based Forest Inventory" at the 18th Annual Foresters Forum in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho on February 7, 2019.  Let him know if you'd like to see the presentation.

The "Dr. DBH" Series


Steve has written the Dr. DBH column for the SAF Forestry Source since July of 2017.

Article Titles and Dates

Can I Flip My Regression Around and Predict X from Y? July 2017.  Vol.22(7). Pg. 11.  

What Does It Really Mean to Have An "Unbiased" Cruise? September 2017. Vol. 22(9). Pg. 22. 

How Many Plots? November 2017. Vol. 22(11). Pg. 16 and 21.  

The Beauty of Stratification.  January 2018. Vol. 23(1). Pg. 15.

Estimating a Proportion and a Quick Note About the Importance of the Confidence Interval.  March 2018. Vol. (23(3). Pg. 15 and 21.

A Tale of Two Cruises.  May 2018. Vol. 23(5). Pg. 13

Testing Your Hypothesis. July 2018. Vol. 23(7). Pg. 23 and 29.

Rules of Thumb. September 2018. Vol. 23(9). Pg. 13.

Cruising for Dollars. November 2018. Vol. 23(11). Pg. 17.

A Quick Review of Line Intersect Sampling. January 2019. Vol. 24(1). Pg. 10.

Characterizing Riparian Buffers Using Horizontal Line Sampling. March 2019. Vol. 24(3). Pg.20-21.

Use 3P Sampling to Cruise that Small Timber Sale. May 2019. Vol. 24(5). Pg. 20-21.

Not a member of SAF? Contact steve@fairweatherbiometrics.com if you would like a copy of an article

What Do Clients Have to Say?

example caption

... about cruise data compilation by Fairweather Biometrics

"As a client of Fairweather Biometrics, LLC, I have been very pleased with the cruise data management service.  No new software to purchase and learn.  No software updates.  Cruise results are promptly returned with attention to detail and quality."   Stanley D. Swierz, Consulting Forester, Ohio

... about training in applied statistics

“Steve, thanks so much for your extremely informative webinar.  You have a gift for making a complicated topic understandable, which was very much appreciated.  I’m sure the insights and tools you provided will help us to be more effective and efficient.  Thank you.”  MIke Wolcott, Inland Forest Management, Idaho

... about forest growth projections by Fairweather Biometrics

"I recently had  the opportunity to work with Dr. Fairweather on a growth modeling project.  Steve  responded quickly to my questions and worked diligently to deliver high quality, professional results on time and on budget.  I  look forward to working with him again in the near future."  Steven G. Hawkes, Chief Forester, Landvest Timber, New Hampshire.

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